Hai I’m Gia and I like to draw (?)

I’m a huuuge MJ fan, I’ve loved this guy since I was 5 and I don’t think I’ll ever stop :-)

Madonna, Daft Punk and SHINee are also my favorite artists…..even tho I love any kind of music and stuff :-) 

My favorite animators are Hayao Miyazaki (I’m a big fan omg), Iwao Takamoto and of course Walt Disney. They’re my biggest inspirations :)

Oh yeah about drawing….I’ve drawn since I was 4? drawing is probably my favorite thing to do! :D I got a job as an illustrator, I draw storyboards for commercials in my country (ruhruhruhruhruhrurhrurhurh) but yeah, drawing is only a hobby, that’s what I usually do when I have free time (I study civil engineering) for example; the drawings I upload here are for fun and uhm let’s say I started taking drawing ”seriously” when I was 13, I started posting my drawings here and I haven’t stopped since then. I hope you enjoy my drawings! I have so much fun drawing and it really makes me happy when I see people enjoying my drawings. 

yeah I think that’s all, I’m not an insteresting person ;-;

did I mention I love cats? no? ok 

F A Q :

• What do you use for your drawings?

Tradiotional art: Markers, colored pencils….watercolors…whatever I own. \m/

Portraits: What I use the most for portraits is only a mechanical pencil but I also use charcoals and a 2B pencil once in a while. :)

Digital Art: Photoshop is my best friend…but I love Illustrator, too. (I’m cheating on phofy)

How did you learn?

I’m a self-taught artist.The first thing I drew was an ugly ass finger from an English book when I was in kindergarten and my teacher came to me looking very surprised and asked if I drew it but for some reason I was scared to death and said no lmfao